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Connecticut Court Records

The Connecticut Court Records website provides the public with the information needed to understand the structure and organization of the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut. It helps citizens of The Constitution State get a good grasp of the Connecticut Court System by listing the different types of courts available and explaining their functions. The public can also search the Connecticut Court Records website to gain access to some court records. There are informational and instructional guides to assist Connecticuters looking for case documents online and at various court addresses.

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) enacted in 1975 protects every citizen’s right to view and request copies of public records including court documents. In compliance with the state’s FOIA, the Connecticut Court Records website provides citizens with direct access to these records as well as relevant information about how to obtain them.

Besides state court records, The Connecticut Court Records website also helps citizens access other types of public records. These include, depending on the county searched, crime data, background checks, sex offender information, and vital records for the eight counties in the State of Connecticut. The Connecticut Court Records website does not ask citizens to submit private information or provide reasons for requesting these records. It simply enables open access to Connecticut public records to help Connecticut abide by one of the founding principles of the United States: to be a fair and just society for all.

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